How to make money off of where you live

I bet you’ve never thought of your home town or area as anything more than humdrum and commonplace, have you? Most of us dream of escaping the place we grew up and living somewhere exotic like Hawaii or Ireland or Australia. But the place you currently live – right now – can be a surprising source of income. Why? Because there are many people in other parts of the world that may actually consider your home town or area to be their “somewhere exotic”.

Okay, you say, you “might” have a point there. But how does that lead to me making money from this place?

There are many ways, but the one I want to introduce to you today is a website called Fiverr, which basically works by having people all over the world offer to do something for 5 bucks. You have the typical offers, like building a website, creating a logo, or setting up an online store. But all of those require a lot of technical skills that you may not have, right?

However, what you do have, right at your fingertips, is the place you live. How about some examples to illustrate how others are using where they live to make money?

Here are some additional examples of people making money based on where they live:

The list goes on and on, and you can be as creative as you like.

Perhaps you think that no one will want a post card or photos from Podunkville, AnyState. But bear in mind that, many times, supply precedes demand. You have to put it out there before someone will realize they want it.

No one was hankering for a Snuggie until after they started being marketed on TV and offered in retail stores…


But Is 5 Bucks Really Worth It?

You might be mildly interested in the idea of posting an offer to do something where you live, but five bucks just doesn’t seem profitable enough to motivate you further. Well, that’s the beauty of the way Fiverr is set up: you offer your basic service for $5, and then you offer upgrades at higher price points. For example, a lady in Sweden has a kitty that she uses in her offer to record my cute cat breaking through your company logo.

The basic black-and-white, unedited video is $5, but if you want the video edited and in color, you could pay an extra $20. If you want a high def video, that will cost you an extra $5. There are unlimited “extras” you can add to make the sale a little more profitable. Don’t let the 5 buck entry point stop you!

What gig would you like to start offering today?