How to Make Money as a Kid

Are you old enough to need money, but too young to get a “real” job this summer? Do you need money for a particular goal, like a trip, school clothes, or a new bike? Do you need money in general, just to have enough to go to the mall and a movie with friends occasionally?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then “How to Make Money as a Kid: Easy and Cheap Ways to Make Money from Home this Summer” is the book for you!

I don’t promise that you will make millions, and I don’t promise that you won’t have to work–maybe work hard. But whatever your reasons are for needing money this summer, I want you to sit back and relax, because I have some very good news for you. You CAN make money this summer without getting a “real” job. In fact, if you are willing to work hard and think outside the box, you could even make MORE money from the secrets in this book than you ever could have from a “real” job!

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