Coming June 2024
Blessed Insurance – A Cartecay Agency Mystery

Andy Marie Cartecay works for her father’s insurance agency by day and for herself by night – secretly performing private investigations without proper licensing. 

When Andy suspects a coworker’s dealings with the local body shop are unethical, threatening her father’s reputation in town, she knows she needs to take action. But how can she approach the authorities while she herself is breaking the law?

When the FBI get involved, Andy is pulled deeper into the underbelly of Clover Mountain, Georgia, and realizes her side hustle is the least of her problems.

Blessed Insurance
Coming December 2024
Starstone – The Oracle’s Apprentice

The voyage to Arsto, that fabled planet of promise, has already taken a century. The original Earthers have mostly died off and the youth no longer believe in a destination – or in the Oracle’s “magical” starstones.

Blessing’s father has worn a starstone for as long as she can remember. That’s why she doesn’t believe they hold any life-changing properties.

But when she is forced to become the Oracle’s apprentice and to witness a starstone bequeathal, she discovers that the lies go deeper than anyone realized. 

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