Is Your Hobby a Potential Revenue Stream?

Most of us have at least one hobby.


You might disagree, imagining a typical day of working 8+ hours at your day job, stopping at the grocery store to pick up dinner, rushing home to cook and feed your family, then helping the kids with homework before getting them to bed. Finally, at the end of the day, you may have an hour or so to relax and watch a little TV before falling asleep.


Is TV your hobby?


I have friends who aren’t as busy as you, who have the time to devote to a particular pursuit, and who use that time to watch TV. They can talk for hours about Downton Abbey, or The Walking Dead, or Scandal. They are experts on characters, plot, location, motives, and costume. The show is their hobby.


But maybe that’s not you; when you watch a little TV before falling asleep, it’s the local news.


Okay, so here’s my next question: what do you do on the weekends? You might do a little shopping, a little cooking, a little cleaning, a little reading, a lot of taxi-ing the kids around. You might meet friends for dinner, or do some yard-work. You might spend time on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.


Of all the things you do on the weekend, when you have a little down time, which one do you look forward to and enjoy the most? THAT is your hobby.


People don’t like to admit that social media is their hobby.


Social media just doesn’t seem important enough to be labeled, you say. It’s just using what would otherwise be idle, wasted time anyway, right?


Well, let’s take a look at the word “hobby”:

  • Webster’s New World Dictionary defines it as “something that one likes to do or study in one’s spare time.”
  • Webster’s New World Thesaurus lists the following as synonyms for “hobby”:
    • Pastime
    • Diversion
    • Side interest
    • Leisure-time activity
    • Pet topic
    • Amusement
    • Fun


Based on the above, I would say it’s fair to call watching TV a hobby, and it’s fair to call social media a hobby, wouldn’t you?


So now, back to my original question: whether you have a traditional hobby, or a “new world” hobby, is it a potential revenue stream?


In other words, can you make money from your hobby? The answer is always YES.


Let’s say you are a traditional hobbyist: you enjoy playing golf. How in the world can you make money from playing golf? This guy is. And this girl is.


Maybe you collect guns and frequent the shooting range. Can you make money from that?   These folks are. These guys too.


Maybe you knit or crochet in your spare time. Can you make money from that? Well she is. And so is she.


Alright, alright, you say, but what about the “non-traditional hobbyist”? Is it possible to make money watching “Downton Abbey”?  This person is. What about “The Walking Dead”? Ask this guy.


Okay, so making money from blogs about TV shows is understandable. But what about the non-traditional hobby of social media? Is it possible to make money from surfing Pinterest, watching YouTube videos, or cruising Instagram? Yes! Check out this book on Amazon for details:

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In conclusion, we have explored what it means to have a hobby, and whether or not your hobby is a potential source of income. Most of my examples of people making money from their hobbies are pointing to their blogs.

Did you know that a blog can make money?

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post that will reveal all the different ways a blog can make money. Until then, keep your head above water!